A Year as a Refugee in Finland

  • Asadullah Ghouse

Asadullah Ghouse is a journalism student, photographer and blogger from Kabul. He lives in Finland now. He is a member of Media Club and he writes his own blog Dear LifE.



The Journey of Khuram – A Big Nightmare

This is a story of the journey of Khuram, an Afghan refugee who used to be a truck driver and deliver goods for the USA troops in Kabul.

The journey started in 2014 when the Americans decided to close most of their military camps. It was actually rain of fire for those who had been working with them. They became targets because of their work as translators, contractors, workers, and even delivery men. Khuram lived in Kabul and never thought of the side effects that his work with the Americans could have. Lue lisää

Afganistanilainen Hossein rehkii päivät pitkät painin parissa – ja menestyy

12734099_446016152269688_5752675113082912072_n (1)Afganistanilainen Hossein Ahmadi, 20, on ollut menestyksekäs ensimmäisten Suomessa vietettyjen kuukausiensa aikana.

Viime lauantaina 20. helmikuuta Ahmadi voitti kultamitalin vapaapainin Finlandia Freestyle Cupissa Helsingissä. Muutama viikko sitten, 6. helmikuuta, hän voitti SM-pronssia Turengissa pidetyissä kilpailuissa. Lue lisää