Media Club met Danish journalists


We were interviewed for a video documentary about the importance of more constructive public discussion in Finland. Thank you for your visit!

-We have got a lot of new ideas and inspiration by joining the Media Club, Saad and Asad explains.

They have actively written, photographed and helped other medias to find interviewees.

-It’s very good idea to make a documentary on this topic. I hope journalists will make more efforts on showing how difficult it might be with colleagues in other countries. We are heading the right direction, slowly but still, Saad analyses.

Asiya is excited about the idea that a woman in Finland can do absolutely the same things as men and the Media Club has encouraged her to start planning her own documentary film for women. She hopes to get wide publicity for the efforts.

Atheer is grateful to be part of the project and for the attention given by the Danish journalists to the refugee matter.

-We appreciate that you come all the way to hear what we have to say, Atheer uses the opportunity to express his gratitude.

He has already contributed to the project by making a video recepy of an Iraqi chicken dish.

-I was very happy today to join the meeting. Now I think my life has finally started in Finland, Yasmeen reflects her feelings after the group discussion with journalists.

Media Club has cooperated also with local refugee organizations that wish to share refugees’ voice. The blog posts will be published soon.

And how have Finnish people then welcomed refugees? That we will find out when the documentary of Nordplus cooperation is ready. Looking forward to see it!




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