Like a bird with broken wings – ”I didn’t know where to go”

18361048_417823311923341_490243015_nI have seen many parents risk their lives and their children because they went over the sea until they reach land of dreams – Europe. I remember their faces. I saw fear and horror, but everyone was ready to cross the sea. That sea swallowed many people.

I didn’t make any decision about where I go. I’ve been like a bird who broke his wings. I was exhausted, tired but happy at the same time because I got away from Isis. But soon after that I realized I could not return to Iraq anymore. I decided to ride the waves with these migrating birds to the place unknown. We crossed the sea and came one of the Greek islands. Despite the sinking of the boat we all arrived. Alive.

Everyone called their family and relatives to tell them that they had crossed the sea. I didn’t. The communications were cut off from Mosul. Everyone was taking pictures and videos and they were happy and talking. Some of them were talking how they decided to go to the country where they dreamed to live. I was only thinking about my family and how much I wanted to see them.

They made me smile

I arrived Finland on 3.10.2015 from Sweden to Tornio and from Tornio to Kirkkonummi. Place was called Aavaranta. It was a very beautiful place where I lived. They said it used to be a hotel. It was and still is in the middle of the forest and near is lake where you see water and much green forest. I got friends and I spent there beautiful days. I worked there in wood cutting, cleaning and wall construction. I also worked in the summer theater in Veikkolan Kartanoteatteri and I was very happy doing this work. I am so happy that I got to know Eija (N.B. Ahvo) and everyone else in the theater. They made me smile. I’m learning Finnish language, slowly but still, and my English is getting better all the time.

During this time I met a Finnish woman. She was (and still is) Beautiful and awesome. I fell in love. We fell in love. I knew fast that I want to spent my life with her. I want to have a family with her. We spent lot of time together. She show me beautiful places and teach me a lot of things about Finnish culture. With her I forgot all the sad things for a while. I call her KUU (moon) because I got moon from the sky. She is my other half, my world. After 6 months we were married in mosque by Islamic way. This marriage is not legal here in Finland, only formal. We can’t marry here because I can’t get the papers what Finnish authorities wants. It’s just impossible. My hometown is destroyed. I can’t get any connection there. Isis controls everything over there. How long I have to wait… This is not easy for her either.

I did not obey their orders and I fled.

Long wait

Life was sad for those who lost family and also because of the failure to achieve their dreams. After the negative decision of the Immigration Service many began show signs of collapse. They feel betrayed. Everyone was looking for a chance to stay here. I started looking for work, but I did not find work that would help me to stay here. I knew I would have a negative decision, so I started thinking about what to do. I can not go back to Iraq. Mosul is destroyed because of the war of Isis. I did not obey their orders and I fled. Migri says that I could live in another city. I can’t. My wife has tried to help me. Help us. She was contacting every single possible place. From Ministry of Justice to registry office. They stopped answering her…

On 29.9.2016 I had my meeting with the Immigration Service. After the interview, my wife was informed that the decision would be negative and issued quickly. This is what happened. The negative decision was issued two months later. The Immigration Department replied that you can live in Baghdad. After the decision was made, the Administrative Court decided that the refugees from Mosul could not migrate internally and go to Baghdad. Unfortunately, this was after my negative decision. My case went to the Administrative Court and they gave decision that Immigration has to make new decision. Now… after a long wait I got the right of residence. Thanks Finland. Thanks to the Finnish people. Finland is a beautiful country. Thanks to all friends.

Walid Nineveh

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