My Escape to Life

My head was crowded with ideas and imagination. That thrived my dreams to build a rosy life with productive goodness and love. 14265099_548359665362091_9159657971168503124_n

I wanted to build values of peace, stop the war and end terrorism. For that I went on a journey to achieve my dreams, to work and build self-confidence and excellence among the members of my family. But I found myself in siege, alienation and fear unlike any other.

Here are some of my sad memories. I’m Yasmine, university graduate of Business Administration. My age is 29. Born in 1987.

The work in one of the power circles offered daily harassment by the staff of my department.


I was filled with worries and fears, when the militias control the streets. The dominance of Islamist parties that have been exporting their teachings in more contraband society and abolition of freedoms, especially in the world of women.

Women are prevented from personal freedom in clothing, make-up and movement in and out whenever you want.

The exhausting work that I started, which was far from a specialist who studied for four years at the university, was necessary for me in order not to stay locked in the house. Through the job I could help my family as well. However, the work in one of the power circles offered daily harassment by the staff of my department, as well as sexual extortion by some of the managers and officials. They showed their desire to establish a relationship, and when I refused, starts harassment, pressuring and threatening.

The conditions got worse and my ability to endure diminished. The female colleagues’ work impaired by the daily pressure and harassment. The circle in which we operated included members of the extremist militias extorting people and threaten them with physical liquidation if one does not comply with their orders, or their desires.

I decided to leave so that I could live safely and build a self in this life.


The series of harassment and continuous extortion, one day offered me also to forcibly establish a relationship with someone. When I refused, the threatening and control increased. The level of anger in me increased.

They decided to act like predators and tried to kidnap me and force to their desires, such as running. That is similar to the behavior of Daesh with women prisoners. They followed me with their cars, but coincidentally I was able to run away and get rid of them.

I lived terrible moments of fear and a sense of loss and fear for my life and my family.

I decided with my mother to leave my job and move away for a while from the neighborhood where we lived.

But they know the residential areas. Days went by and anxiety occupies the family. Solutions were finished because of the government’s weakness and inability to protect the people in Baghdad. The government itself and the police are under the control of militias and criminal gangs.

That did not leave me any other choice but to leave. To leave the country where I was born and lived the sweet days of childhood and youth, the school days, university and innocent friendships and white dreams.

I decided to leave so that I could live safely and build a self in this life. Life that has become hostile in my country.

So I got to choose this country (Finland) as alternative home that respects human rights and gives life to those who have been denied that at home.

As for how I got here and what are the hardships and dangers on the journey; the trouble to get to Finland… This is what I will tell in another tale.

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